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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

The First Roy Goode Scholar

Diego Alexandre-García Fernández (Comparative and International Dispute Resolution LLM, 2017)

Diego Alexandre-García Fernández, Roy Goode Scholar 2017, LLM Comparative and International Dispute Resolution

Why did you choose to study at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies?

I decided to study at CCLS for two main reasons. First, its programme in Dispute Resolution is the best in Europe (if not the best in the world). Second, it was the only postgraduate centre in the UK that offered a full-tuition scholarship in a program in international arbitration.

How did you hear about the Roy Goode Scholarship?

On the CCLS web pages.

How did you feel when you heard that you had been chosen as the Roy Goode Scholar?

At first, I was in shock. Then, I felt deeply grateful for the opportunity I was being given.

What are you doing now?

I am currently working at a law firm based in Madrid, Spain, where I have been involved in international arbitration cases not only as counsel, but as Administrative Secretary of Arbitral Tribunals.

What was your experience of being a postgraduate at CCLS?

The degree from CCLS has opened up a lot of doors for me. My story would not be what it is today, if it had not been for the programme I studied at CCLS. I certainly would not be working outside my country.

What would you say to the CCLS community who are considering supporting the Roy Good Scholarship Fund?

You have the power to change a life!

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