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Centre for Commercial Law Studies


Recent research by Academic Members of the ISALI

  • In November 2017, Dr Goldby was awarded research funding by Lloyd’s Innovation Department for a project entitled Triggering Innovation: How Smart Contracts Bring Policies to Life. The report was co-authored with Prof. Chris Reed and was published in August 2019. The second edition of her book on Electronic Documents in Maritime Trade: Law and Practice was published in October 2019 by Oxford University Press.

  • Andromachi Georgosouli has been engaged in a variety of projects relevant to the regulation of insurance. She recently co-authored, with two economists, an interdisciplinary discussion paper on Measuring the implementation of the FSB Key Attributes for effective resolution regimes in the EU, in the series of International Finance Discussion Papers (IFDP) of the US Federal Reserve System, which examines the systemic significance of insurance institutions. She also contributed to a public consultation by preparing a response to the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA), Discussion Paper on Potential harmonisation of recovery and resolution frameworks for insurers.
  • Antigoni Lykotrafiti is our expert in aviation law. Her recent publications include ‘Air Transport and International Economic Law’ in Saïda El Boudouhi (Ed.), Les transports au prisme du droit international public, Editions A. PEDONE, Paris, 2019, pp. 101-120; and ‘A Comprehensive Study of Air Transport Liberalization through the Lens of Strategic Airline Alliances’, 2019, 44 (4/5) Air & Space Law, pp. 347-392. Her current research focuses on fair competition in international air transport.

Visiting Scholars

The Mansfield Visiting Scholar scheme, which takes its title from the famous eighteenth-century judge and ‘Founding Father of English Insurance Law’, was established in 2013 to facilitate research into insurance law by making available the facilities of the University and access to the Institute’s Academic Members.

Dr Joanna Wilson

Dr Joanna Wilson was the Mansfield Visiting Scholar for 2017-18. Dr Wilson received her doctorate from University College London and is currently Lecturer in Commercial Law at Sussex University. Among various projects, she worked with Professor Rawlings on insurability, including issues such as the role of the state in covering risks that private insurers will not insure.

Philipp Ressnig

In 2016, Philipp Ressnig - a PhD candidate at the University of Basel (Switzerland) - joined the Insurance Law Institute at CCLS as a visiting scholar for six months. His research focussed on the comparative analysis of the regulatory framework applicable to reinsurance companies in Switzerland and the UK.

Dr Yong Q Han

Dr Yong Q Han was the Mansfield Visiting Scholar for 2014-15. His research focussed on the prospect, in English insurance law, of a doctrine of policyholder's reasonable expectations.  Dr Han's home institution is the Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore.

Simon Viashima Akaayar

In 2013, Simon Viashima Akaayar was a visiting scholar at CCLS and the first visiting scholar at the Insurance Law Institute. Simon’s research at the CCLS focussed on the regulation of micro-insurance.

PhD researchers

The Insurance Shipping & Aviation Law Institute (ISALI) is home to a number of research students working on projects within the Institute’s fields of interest and supervised by its Academic Members. Two of these projects are funded by the Economic and Social Research Council under their LISS DTP CASE studentship scheme, in partnership with industry. A number of our former PhD researchers have gone on to have successful careers in Academia, among them, the institute’s Deputy Director, Dr Franziska Arnold-Dwyer.

Franziska was a PhD student at the CCLS from 2014-18.  Her research centred on the doctrine of insurable interest and its role in modern English insurance law. Her work was generously supported by a Queen Mary PhD Principal Studentship:

“Being a PhD student at Queen Mary CCLS was an extraordinary experience.  Right from the start, I was part of thriving research community within the Insurance Law Institute and I felt privileged to be supervised by leading academics, Professor Rawlings and Dr Goldby, in my area of research.  I was encouraged to take full advantage of all the opportunities on offer, such as presenting at conferences, publishing papers, networking with academics and practitioners, and starting to teach. Research and writing skills seminars supported me with developing the critical skills necessary to undertake my research.”