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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Professor David Musker, BSc (Hons) London, ARSM, LLM (Nottingham Trent), Chartered Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney, Patent Attorney Litigator, European Trade Mark and Design Attorney


Professor of International Design Law

Room Number: Lincoln's Inn Fields


David Musker Professor of International Design Law at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS). He is the founder of the “Class 99” International Design Law blog, a founder Editor of the Community Design Handbook, and a member of the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice (JIPLP) and European Copyright and Design Reports (ECDR). His book Community Design Law: Principles and Practice has been cited with approval by the High Court of England and Wales, the courts of Poland and the Netherlands and OHIM’s Boards of Appeal. For his work in relation to the IP education and training on the Community Design, he received a Worldleaders European IP Award in 2004.

He lectures, or has lectured, at the Universities of Alicante, Bristol and Oxford, at ETH in Zurich and at CEIPI in Strasbourg.

A patent and trade mark attorney, he is a member (and former Chair) of the Designs and Copyright Committee and the Higher Education Committee of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA), a member (and former President) of the Designs Commission of the Union of European Practitioners in Intellectual Property (UNION) and a member of the Design Working Group of the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (ITMA).  

He also sits as a Board Member of the Intellectual Property Regulation Board (IPReg), the body which regulates patent and trade mark attorneys in the UK, and the Marks and Designs Forum of the UK Intellectual Property Office. In the past he has sat on OHIM’s User Group and the UK Intellectual Property Office former Trade Marks and Design Rights Research Expert Advisory Group.

His research interests include comparative and international design law, Unitary Patents, Intellectual Property professionals (in particular regulation and legal professional privilege), and Intellectual Property procedural law.

He has practised patent and design law for thirty years, during the course of which he filed the first Registered Community Design and appeared as advocate in the last trial before the Registered Designs Appeal Tribunal. He is of Counsel to R G C Jenkins & Co.

Postgraduate Teaching

LLM Programme (London)

  • QLLM132 - International and Comparative Design Law

LLM Programme (Paris)

Other Postgraduate

  • M2C1 - Trade Marks Law and Practice
  • M3U4 and M3U5 - MSc in Management of Intellectual Property.



On designs

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On patents

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On IP Procedural Law

  • Procedural law of the OHIM: experience of the EPO model, Trademark World December/January 1995/1996, pp29-36
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  • IP attorney litigators: will they fly or die?, [2010] JIPLP 5(8), 602-607.


Professor Musker is willing to supervise on design and patent law, and intellectual property litigation.

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