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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Queen Mary LLM students publish case law to global Competition Law database

Nine case law comments from seven students have been published by the e-Competitions Bulletin so far in 2014, the highest number since the university partnered with the Bulletin in 2007-8. The scheme was coordinated this year by PhD student Eda Sahin.


Antitrust or Competition Law aims to promote and maintain fair competition in markets. The e-Competitions Bulletin is an online database of international antitrust case law covering 55 jurisdictions and with a network of more than 1,200 experts.

The Bulletin is run by the Institute of Competition Law and Queen Mary is one of 14 academic partners, alongside the Association of European Competition Law Judges and global law firms.

Preparing a submission to the online database offers an opportunity for students to express their opinions on a case and to improve their legal writing skills.

Professor Maher Dabbah, Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Competition Law and Policy (ICC) at Queen Mary, said: "the Bulletin allows serious LLM students to gain exposure to hundreds or thousands of experts in the field, as well as being a useful addition to their CV."



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