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Professor Stavros Brekoulakis wins award for his article in leading International Arbitration Journal

Stavros Brekoulakis

Stavros Brekoulakis, Professor in International Arbitration and Commercial Law at Queen Mary University of London, has been awarded the inaugural Rusty Park Prize in International Arbitration.

Professor Brekoulakis’s article titled “Systemic Bias and the Institution of International Arbitration: A New Approach to Arbitral Decision-Making”  was awarded the prize as it tackles a major problem of long-term interest, made significant contributions to that problem, and is written in a lucid and convincing manner.

The Rusty Park Prize is awarded by the Journal of International Dispute Settlement (JIDS) to reward articles of outstanding quality on international arbitration published in the journal. The Prize is awarded not more than once per year for articles of exceptionally high standard.

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