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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Professor Catherine Rogers' new book 'Ethics in International Arbitration'

Professor Catherine Rogers writes the first treatise to analyse the ambiguities and conflicting rules present in international arbitration.


Catharine Rogers is Professor of Ethics, Regulation and the Rule of Law at Queen Mary University of London and Professor of Law and Paul & Marjorie Price Faculty Scholar at Penn State Law.

Her book 'Ethics in International Arbitration' is published by Oxford University Press.

Professor Rogers said: “International arbitration is exploding in importance, but is simultaneously drawing increased skepticism from outside observers.” In this context, she says, “The call to ethical self-regulation ultimately challenges the international arbitration community to think beyond its present situation, to future generations and future developments in an ever-more globalized legal world. It is a challenge for international arbitration to bring to bear all the pragmatism and creativity that it has demonstrated in the very best moments of its history to preserve and promote its effectiveness and legitimacy.”

Already published in the UK, the US book launch will take place in early 2015 at the World Bank headquarters in Washington.



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