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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Centre for Commercial Law Studies to collaborate with Seven Pillars Institute for Global Finance


The Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS) at Queen Mary University of London is to collaborate with the Seven Pillars Institute for Global Finance and Ethics (SPI) on ethics, law and regulation in finance. The aim of the collaboration is to foster a dialogue on important ethical policy issues affecting the financial services industry.

SPI is the only independent think-tank focused on research and education in financial ethics. The Institute is at the forefront of shaping the emergent field of financial ethics and increasing awareness of this practical area of global finance.

The Institute will work closely with Dr Costanza Russo, Lecturer in International Banking Law and in Business Ethics at CCLS, and Academic Director for the CCLS LLM in Paris in International Banking and Finance.

Within CCLS, Dr Russo designed the postgraduate module in Ethics in Business and in Finance which is concerned with the study of ethical dilemmas that arise in the decision making of business people and financial players.

The framework of collaboration for SPI and CCLS includes:

  • Cross marketing the research, work and activities of each institution.
  • Producing a financial ethics training video series.
  • Jointly contributing to books and other publications on financial ethics.
  • Encouraging the exchange of ideas between CCLS students and SPI interns.
  • Publishing by SPI of the suitable work of CCLS students and faculty.
  • Providing lectures and presentations, and participating in conferences.
  • Welcoming CCLS students and faculty to join SPI as interns, fellows and/or contributors.

The Institute and CCLS are honoured by this partnership. Both sides look forward to a broad, deep, and fruitful association in the coming years for the benefit of the global financial and legal community.



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