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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Trade Secrets Protection

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A view from the EU, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands and Industry

Programme details

When: Date to be confirmed

Where: Maastricht University Campus Brussels | Tervurenlaan 153, 1150 Brussels

Our newly-established executive education programme addresses practical legal aspects pertaining to the European commercial ecosystem. It brings together two academic institutions with an outstanding reputation in commercial law.

The Centre for Commercial Law Studies provides expertise on common law aspects, in particular from the UK and US legal systems, while Maastricht University focuses on the European continent, highlighting the particularities of civil law systems.

As commerce knows no national boundaries, the programme aims to provide participants with comprehensive insight into pertinent practice-driven aspects of selected commercial legal areas.


Programme description

This programme is designed to highlight the importance of trade secrets for commercial businesses. It will identify and consider the main legal rules in key European jurisdictions, focusing on changes introduced by the EU Trade Secrets Directive.

It will provide practical guidance on issues such as:

  • Practical steps to protect trade secrets – externally and internally – in light of the “reasonable steps” requirement in the Directive;
  • The requirements for proving an action to protect trade secrets in key European jurisdictions;
  • Evidential requirements;
  • Procedures to protect trade secrets during litigation – confidentiality clubs; in camera hearings; redacted judgments;
  • The availability of interim and final remedies;
  • Employment issues including: lawful restrictions on employees and their use of their own skill and experience (“know how”) – restrictive covenants; injunctions against former employees;
  • The use of NDAs and other transactional arrangements for the disclosure and licensing of trade secrets

Why this programme

  • Emphasis on practical self-help and protective measures
  • Specific focus on the Directive and national implementation
  • Emphasis on early stage measures – obtaining evidence; search and seizure of incriminating evidence imaging orders etc.
  • Country-based expertise

Practical information

This programme is designed for legal practitioners, government officials, academics, lawyers, policy makers, business executives responsible for commercial security, and others concerned with the protection of valuable intangible business assets.

Prior knowledge of intellectual property is not a requirement to attend this programme.



17 May 2022
12.30-13.00 Walk-in, Registration & Coffee  
13.00-13.20 Opening & Welcome

John Hull

Anselm Kamperman Sanders

Dick van Engelen

13.20-15.00 Introduction to Trade Secrets in the EU and US  Anselm Kamperman Sanders
15.00-15.30 Q&A and Coffee Break  
15.30-16.45 Trade Secrets in the United Kingdom John Hull
16.45-17.15 Q&A and Break  
17.15-18.30 Trade Secrets in the Netherlands Dick van Engelen
18.30 Networking drinks followed by dinner. 
Please register via the course registration form
(optional and extra charge)
If you wish to stay overnight in Brussels, please arrange your own accommodation.
18 May 2022
9.00-10.15 Trade Secrets in Germany Thomas Schmitz
10.15-10.45 Q&A and Coffee Break  
10.45-12.00 Trade Secrets in France Stefan Naumann
12.00-13.15 Q&A and Lunch  
13.15-14.30 Practical issues in Industry Joost van Ooijen
14.30-15.15 Roundtable - All speakers  




Price Applicable From/ToFull course
17/05/2022 to 18/05/2022 1,100

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