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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

London Financial Regulation Seminar: The Professional Standards of Executive Remuneration Consultants

Date: 17 January 2022

About the event

Calvin Jackson discussed the doctoral research he completed at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London. His thesis was entitled: 'Promoting Highest Professional Standards in UK Remuneration Committee Advisory Services'. His forthcoming monograph book on the topic will be published by Routledge.

About Calvin Jackson

Calvin spent over 25 years as an executive remuneration consultant, advising remuneration committees around the world (particularly in the financial services sector). Since his retirement from that role he returned to the Bar for the past decade (with a particular interest in white collar crime and regulatory matters), and has also served for several years in the voluntary role of Disciplinary Panel Chairman for a major professional body. Calvin is an Associate Research Fellow at IALS.

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