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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Influencers and the video game industry - from social responsibility to legal liability

Date: 13 January 2021

We continue our journey with authors from the latest IELR 3.1 issue, this time exploring the phenomenon of influencers, often children and young people, and their endorsement practices in the video game industry. Do they constitute misleading or deceitful marketing strategies from the perspective of European advertising law?

We welcomde Hanna Callens ('Kidfluencer marketing in the video game industry'), together with commentators Isabel Davies from Wiggin, and Kostya Lobov, partner at Harbottle & Lewis. The online event washosted by Dr Yin Harn Lee.

Interactive Entertainment Law Review (IELR) serves as a peer-reviewed hub for legal analysis of interactive entertainment, video games, virtual/augmented/mixed realities, social media, and all related and emergent forms of digital interactive entertainment. The journal is published twice a year with articles focusing on the legal changes, challenges and controversies in this high profile and increasingly critical area of legal inquiry. Contributions from academic, industry and legal practitioners are sought and welcomed.

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