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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Future Legal Minds

When: Wednesday, November 15, 2023, 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Where: Conference Centre, Bank of England, Threadneedle Street, London


Bank of England (Bank) in collaboration with Queen Mary University of London (QMUL).


14:00 – 14:05 Introduction by Sonya Branch (Bank)

14:05 – 14:10 Introduction by Professor Dr Rosa Lastra (QMUL)

14:10 – 14:45 Session 1: The intersection of law, regulation and innovation

Chaired by Sonya Branch

Bank presentation: Molly Whelan and Joe Arnander

QMUL presentation: Maria Fernanda Franco Garces

Panel members: Maria Fernanda Franco Garces (QMUL), Joe Arnander (Bank), Molly Whelan (Bank), Simon Gleeson (QMUL) and David Geen (Bank)

14:50 – 15:25 Session 2: The response of central banks to climate change

Chaired by Professor Dr Rosa Lastra

Bank presentation: Nikhil D'Souza and Giulia Favero

QMUL presentations: Maria del Rosario Bustillo and José Zapata Sevilla

Panel members: Maria del Rosario Bustillo (QMUL), Nikhil D'Souza (Bank), José Zapata Sevilla, Giulia Favero (Bank) and Anne Corrigan (Bank)

15:25 – 15:45 Coffee break Conference Centre Breakout Room

15:50 – 16:30 Session 3: Horizon scanning – the Future of the Law

Chaired by Rob Price    

Bank presentation: Alix Clement-Cottuz

QMUL presentation: Katrien Morbée and Chandra Jyoti Padmanabhan

Panel members: Chandra Jyoti Padmanabhan Iye (QMUL), Eva Barbullushi (Bank), Alix Clement-Cottuz (Bank), Katrien Morbée (QMUL)

and Will Oates (Bank)

16:30 Close

Read more here: Future legal minds November 2023 [PDF 423KB]

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