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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

CCLS Germany Alumni Chapter Welcome Event


The Germany Chapter was launched via Zoom on Thursday 3 December with 26 attendees.

Franziska Arnold-Dwyer (Commercial Law PhD, 2017) shared 'I have a number of reasons for being at this event today: I studied for my PhD at CCLS, and I am now a lecturer in Insurance Law, the Specialism Director for Insurance Law and one of the academics attached to the Germany Chapter.

I hope that today is the start of many networking opportunities, a forum for an exchange of ideas and projects, as well as a platform for supporting our current students with their studies and career paths.'

Professor Dr. Duncan Matthews, Chair in Intellectual Property Law, added: 'Our Germany Chapter brings together an outstanding group of individuals who will be able to support and mentor future generations of CCLS students.'

Federica Combariati (Intellectual Property Law LLM, 2016) said: 'It is great to be part of the Germany Chapter. We should foster the opportunities as part of this network'.

Maria Markus (Commercial and Corporate Law LLM, 2001) highlighted: 'It was great to see that people who do not know each other connect so easily because they shared the experience of CCLS. Memories and funny stories came up instantly. I really enjoyed the event.

Job wise, CCLS paved the way for my legal career. I started in an international law firm at Baker and McKenzie and now work in a multinational corporation.'

Julia Dias (Intellectual Property Law LLM, 2017) said: 'The launch of the CCLS Germany Chapter was an important step in bringing together professors and alumni. This initiative will certainly make our network and support for current students more successful. Overall, this is a very exciting chapter for the CCLS alumni community, and we are looking forward to the future.'

The group was joined by a conditional offerholder for an LLM in IP. She had applied for 2020-21 but deffered to 2021-22 due to Covid. She went on to say that it is so nice to see many IP holders in the Germany Chapter and that she is looking forward to studing at QMUL and studying under Duncan Matthews, Thomas and Julian and be an alumna one-day.

Chapter lead Thomas Farkas (Intellectual Property Law LLM, 2010) summed the event up by saying ‘Great to meet so many friends and colleagues – join the CCLS Germany Chapter.’

You can join other alumni on the CCLS Germany LinkedIn.

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