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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Dr Anamika Twyman-Ghoshal (2002)

Anamika studied International Business Law LLM in 2002 and now is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Gloucestershire.

Anamika Twyman-Ghoshal

Why did you choose to study at CCLS?

Prior to beginning my LLM in International business Law at CCLS, I was working as an analyst at the International Chamber of Commerce International Maritime Bureau in London. I was thinking of continuing my education and one of my colleagues there was an alumnus and encouraged me to apply for the LLM.

What is your favourite memory of being a CCLS student?

My most enduring memory at CCLS was having classes with one of the professors, Dr Loukas Mistelis. He was the lecturer for two modules I took, International Trade Law and Arbitration. I found these subjects very interesting and his teaching style very engaging. His passion for the subjects he was teaching was one of the reasons I embarked on a career in academia.

Since graduating from CCLS, you have held various positions in academia. Could you tell us about your career and what inspires you as an educator?

A couple of years after I completed the LLM at CCLS, I embarked on a PhD in Criminology and Justice Policy at Northeastern University in Boston, USA. This led to a position as a Lecturer at Northeastern and then at a small liberal arts college in the Boston area. I chose a career in academia because it allows me to combine two of my passions, teaching and research. Broadly, my research examines power, injustice and human rights violations and I bring this critical perspective into each session I teach. I am excited to go on these journeys of exploration and learning with my students; I find I often learn a lot from their insights.

What have you found to be most rewarding about working in academia?

I have an insatiable appetite to keep learning and I have a job that allows me follow my interests and choose what subjects to explore. And I have the added bonus that I can pass on my enthusiasm and excitement for learning to others.

How would you describe your time at CCLS and the impact it has had on your career since graduating?

Completing my masters at CCLS gave me the confidence to pursue a doctoral degree. It really was a first step towards my career in academia.

Why do you think prospective students should study at CCLS?

The advice I would give other students and alumni is to find your own unique path. Some find their passions early in life, others later. And that is okay. We feel a lot of pressure to know what we are doing professionally early on in our life, but it is okay to change your mind and change your path. It is this unique journey that we take that gives us a wealth of experiences.

You can read about Anamika's recent job appointment in our news.


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