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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Cilma Wade (2017)

Cilma graduated in 2017 and is now working as a commercial lawyer in the Government Legal Department in London. 

Cilma Wade

Why did you choose to study at CCLS?

As a Chevening scholar I was given the opportunity to attend any university of my choice in the UK, and CCLS definitely captured my attention from the start. I wanted to choose the best, and CCLS was without a doubt the best choice.  At the time of applying, CCLS, which forms part of Queen Mary School of Law, was ranked first in London and third in the UK. I wanted to do a specialisation in both Commercial Law and Corporate Law and CCLS was the only school among the top three schools for Law in the UK that offered an LLM specialisation in both Commercial Law and Corporate Law. Therefore, my decision to study at CCLS was an easy one, and one that I have not regretted.

What is your favourite memory as a CCLS student?

I have so many great memories as a CCLS student, but my favourite memory is definitely the residential trip to Cumberland Lodge, which was a part of the LLM Induction programme. It was a great networking event at a very beautiful venue. I had the opportunity of networking with CCLS LLM staff, academics and CCLS alumni in a Royal House, at a Royal Park.

What does being a member of the CCLS community mean to you?

I feel honoured to be a part of the CCLS community. It means that I am part of a worldwide group that are leaders in their chosen career path, whether as an academic, judge, barrister, solicitor, in-house counsel, regulator or government official.

How did your CCLS experience contribute to your career?

Obtaining an LLM from CCLS definitely gave me the edge I needed in a very competitive field. After graduating from CCLS, I started searching for new job opportunities, and prospective employers were quite intrigued by the fact that I had attended CCLS at Queen Mary University of London. After graduating, I was able to transition seamlessly from being a Crown Counsel within the Attorney General’s Chambers in Montserrat, to working for a Regional Regulator which has its headquarters in Saint Lucia and serves a number of Eastern Caribbean States such as the Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I can foresee that my LLM from CCLS will take me to greater heights in the future, because of the reputation of CCLS.

Why do you think prospective students should study at CCLS?

I would recommend CCLS to prospective students because CCLS is one of the UK’s top schools for Law, and offers a rewarding, interactive and stimulating learning experience in an environment that is friendly and supportive. One thing that is very impressive about CCLS is the wide range of specialist modules that they offer, some of which are not offered at any other school of law in the UK. With such a wide range of specialist modules to choose from, students are given the opportunity to shape their programme based on their interests and career goals, or even explore new interests by taking exciting modules like I did, such as Music Industry Contracts and International Construction Contracts and Dispute Resolution.

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