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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Language Teaching Pathway

The Language Teaching Pathway comprises three modules across your second and final (i.e. fourth) year. In addition, you can apply to teach English during your third year, the year abroad.

In your second year, you can take the module Features of English: Linguistics for English Language Teachers. You will learn the characteristics of the English language which are not always evident to native speakers of it. This prepares you well to work as an English Language Assistant, a popular choice for our students during their year abroad.

In your final year, when you return from your year abroad, you can choose two further options:

The first is Languages in the Classroom 1 which focuses on theoretical approaches to teaching. In this module, you will gain an understanding of key aspects of Applied Linguistics and Psycholinguistics. You will focus on theoretical aspects of second/foreign language acquisition and their implications for teaching approaches. This will involve planning, producing, and delivering teaching materials.

You then have the opportunity to apply all your gained theoretical knowledge when you choose the module Languages in the Classroom 2 which focuses on teaching and reflective practice. You complete a teaching placement in a local primary or secondary school, and you develop practical knowledge of how to design and deliver materials for the purpose of teaching foreign languages. This involves planning, producing, and delivering teaching materials.

The three modules combined give you a substantial grounding in applied linguistics, as well as a grasp of the challenges of teaching a language. Moreover, you will develop a range of transferable and professional skills: organisation, communication, teamwork, time management, and problem-solving; to name just a few. All of this will be relevant to any career you choose to follow.

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