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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Professor Ralph Penny

Professor Emeritus of Romance Philology and Research Professor



Ralph Penny, Professor Emeritus of Romance Philology and Research Professor, is currently participating in an extensive project aimed at digitizing the data collected by the researchers involved in the Atlas Lingüístico de la Pení­nsula Ibérica (ALPI). Only one volume of maps has been published (in 1962), but with the recent discovery of the complete set of fieldworkers’ completed questionnaires, it has become possible for dialectologists and language historians to exploit an enormously rich source of data. Thanks to the work of David Heap at the University of Western Ontario, these completed questionnaires are now available on the web (at However, they are currently only in photographic form, so that the archive is not searchable, and rather laborious to consult. The current project, funded by the Spanish research council, and involving a number of scholars from Spain, Portugal and Canada, and myself, aims to agree a system of retranscription of the data, simplifying the enormously elaborate system used by the original investigators and converting it to the now-standard IPA system of phonetic transcription. A series of seminars are planned to take place in Madrid, to carry the project forward and set in train the web-based publication of a fully searchable data-set. A further project comprises work on the distribution of linguistic features across the northern Peninsular dialect continuum, with the aim of clarifying the relationship there between isoglosses, politico-administrative boundaries, and language allegiances.



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  • ñ

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Articles forthcoming:

  • 'La historia de la lengua española en Gran Bretaña e Irlanda', in Actas del VIII Congreso Internacional de Historia de la Lengua Española (Santiago de Compostela septiembre de 2009), pp. 2417-24.

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  • 'Variation in Judeo-Spanish: The Question of Competing Norms', in Beatrice Schmid Festschrift (Basel).

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