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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Professor Else Vieira, PhD


Professor of Brazilian and Comparative Latin American Studies, Coordinator of Lusophone Studies, Coordinator of the Camões Grant, PhD Tutor in Modern Languages

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 8335
Room Number: Arts One 141B
Office Hours: Tuesdays 14:00-16:00


Else R P Vieira had a previous career at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil. After visiting professorships in Oxford and Nottingham, she came to Queen Mary (2002) where she has introduced Brazilian Cultural Studies and Brazilian Cinema. She has also taught modules on Latin American Film and History. Postcolonial theory underlies her modules on Lusophone African cultures (Angola, Mozambique and Guinea Bissau). She has also taught the MA module "Sighting Gender and Sexuality in Latin American Film". Her comparative bias is reflected in her AHRC-funded research project "Screening Exclusion: Brazilian and Argentine Documentary Film-Making", which compares the 21st century boom of the documentary in these two countries. Her book "City of God in Several Voices: Brazilian Social Cinema as Action" (2005), conceived on the occasion of the visit of the actors of the film "City of God" to Queen Mary, reflects one of her major research interests: the expressions of minorities. A previous project focused on the politicization of the expression of the dispossessed; the resulting database, "Landless Voices", presently hosted by Queen Mary University of London (, comprises a first-hand organization of the expressions of the landless rural workers in Brazil (over 20 million people) across several media as well as reference material. Her recent bilingual anthology "Poetas à deriva"/"Poets Adrift" (2013) articulates the expression of six Brazilian writers abroad, an unprecedented phenomenon in Brazilian history.This initial research later developed into a major binational project "Entre-lugares da literatura da diáspora brasileira"/"In between spaces of the Literature of the Brazilian Diaspora" [], which she convened integrating Queen Mary and the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (Brazil), funded by CAPES (Brazilian Ministry of Education). See "Brazilian Writers Abroad: Cartography and Quantitative Analysis" [] She has co-directed, with Dr. Maria Clara Castellões de Oliveira, a joint international research and publication project "˜Brazil and its Translators", on the cultural impact of the continuity, intensity and pervasiveness of the phenomenon of the Brazilian creative writer cum translator of literary texts. Eduardo Luís Araújo Batista (Research Assistant at Queen Mary, funded by the Brazilian Ministry of Education) has focused on the asymmetry of the reverse trajectory with a focus on Sir Richard Burton. Another binational project, "Gender and Work in Brazilian Migration", funded by Brazil's National Research Council) was co-directed by Professor Graciela Ravetti (Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil) with the participation of the Federal University of Juiz de Fora through Dr. Ana Beatriz Gonçalves.



I welcome applications from candidates wishing to undertake doctoral research in the following areas:

Gender and Sexuality in Latin American Cinema

Brazilian Cinema and World Cities (Rio and São Paulo)

Lusophone African Cinema

Brazilian Cinema

Brazilian Literary Production Abroad

Translation Studies in Brazil and Latin America


PhD Theses Supervised:

Adriana Silvina Pagano - UFMG (Percursos Críticos e Tradutórios da Nação),  1996

Maria Clara Castellões de Oliveira - UFMG (O pensamento tradutório judaico: Franz Rosenzweig em diálogo com Benjamin, Derrida e Haroldo de Campos), 2000.

Eliane Fernanda Cunha Ferreira, UFMG (Machado de Assis: teórico do traduzir, por subtração?), 2001.

Marie-Anne Henriette Jeanne Kremer, UFMG (As dimensões óptica/ótica do fantástico: interações de literatura e cinema), 2003.

Elzira Divina Perpétua, UFMG, Em busca da outra margem: Carolina de Jesus traduzida, 1994-95.

Célia Maria Magalhães, UFMG (Em busca da identidade: as metáforas do tradutor e do estatuto da tradução na metalinguagem tradutória brasileira), 1993-95.

Eliane Mourão, UFMG, 1997-98 (Dizeres da linguagem: confluências dos espaços lingüísticos e literários contemporâneos)

Eduardo Batista, Queen Mary (intercalated PhD with the University of Campinas)

Miranda Shaw, Queen Mary  (AHRC -funded). The Retomada and Beyond: Female Narrative Agency in Contemporary Brazilian Cinema (1997-2006), 2009.

Sônia Schwendler, Queen Mary (CAPES-funded), Women’s Emancipation through Participation  in Land Struggle: Brazil and Chile, 2013

Lisandra Sousa, Queen Mary (FCT- funded), Protean Ulyssisms in Portuguese Modernism: Reconceptualizations of Nationhood and Interactions with Brazil, 2015.

Fabrício Tavares de Moraes (UFJF), thesis O fim do romance? Espaço e tempo como recurso de renovação estética em Lobo Antunes, 2017 (co-supervision).


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