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Publication of Rachel Randall’s new book "Paid to Care: Domestic Workers in Contemporary Latin American Culture"

Rachel Randall’s new book, Paid to Care: Domestic Workers in Contemporary Latin American Culture, was published by the University of Texas Press on 23 January 2024.


The book provides an insight into the struggles of paid domestic workers in Latin America through an exploration of films, texts, and digital media produced since the 1980s in collaboration with them or inspired by their experiences.

From domestic workers’ experiences of unionization in the 1980s to calls for their rights to be respected today, the cultural texts analyzed in Paid to Care provide additional insight into public debates about paid domestic work. Randall examines work made in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay. The most recent of these texts respond to the Covid-19 pandemic, which put many domestic workers’ health and livelihoods at risk. Engaging with the legal histories of domestic work in multiple distinct national contexts, Randall demonstrates how the legacy of colonialism and slavery shapes the profession even today. Focusing on personal or coproduced cultural representations of domestic workers, Paid to Care explores complex ethical issues relating to consent, mediation, and appropriation.

The author will launch her book at QMUL on 20 March 2024. All are welcome to attend this event and no prior registration is required. 



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