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School of Economics and Finance

Trading Swaps: A Practitioner’s View

The course will be focused on Interest Rate Swaps and Financial Derivative Instruments and how they are used in financial markets.

It will aim to explain basic concepts and features of interest rate swaps. While doing that, It will also give background information on the overall swap market and discuss the economics and pricing of swaps. It will delve into trading swaps in Emerging Markets. It will help participants to get a colour of Emerging Markets as an asset class as well as learning the mechanics of trading swaps.

At the end of the course there will be a case study about one of the previous Emerging Market Crisis (either 1998 South East Asia or 2001 Turkey). The course will essentially be based on scientific material and a real world colour both on swaps and trading.

Visiting Lecturer Efe Acaroglu – Managing Director, Normura International plc delivers the course

Trading Swaps: A Practitioner’s View is one of several optional modules offered to postgraduate students by the School of Economics and Finance at Queen Mary University of London.

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