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School of Economics and Finance

Undergraduate study

The School of Economics and Finance at Queen Mary University of London is ranked among the top economics departments in the UK in various national and international quality indicators. Our research excellence, friendly, supportive environment, top-quality teaching, and extracurricular activities are renowned.

Academic: The School is a lovely community of about 50 members of staff, we have about 700-750 undergraduate students and about 900 postgraduate students.

Student: I am currently studying Economics and I am in my third year. I decided to study this degree at Queen Mary because of the ability to choose different modules throughout your degree. and that actually helps you to make your own combination

AcademicI think that the biggest asset is that we are quite a friendly and relaxed group of people. We are happy to engage with students.

StudentI decided to found a society in my first year, its known as Banking and finance and now I am in my third year and we are the biggest society on campus. And I think a range of different things I've been engaged in, sports, I play cricket for Queen Mary's team and which has been a complete different experience.

AcademicWe have a team of 3 Careers officers in the School that provides students with advice and suggestions, support and hype about careers. Students go into careers into Accounting; for example, mergers and acquisitions or corporate finance, or they go into insurance. And insurance is one of the largest of the economists. Or they go into consulting. Consulting from both the business side or and from the economic side as well.

AcademicGeographically we are located in a beautiful place because we are equal distance more or less from Canary Wharf and City, the major financial centres. And also in East London very lively and buzzing part of London. Queen Mary is a unique institution when it comes to comparing Queen Mary with other Russell group institutes or universities in general that we do get a large number of students from ethnic minority background but generally diversity is very much one of the characteristics of the student body.

StudentSo, someone who is actually thinking of applying to Queen Mary for Economics I would just say 'Do it'. As it’s something I did and it’s one of the best decisions I've made in my life. And its set me up for life and it’s given me really job at Goldman Sachs. I think it will be a wonderful experience and something I would definitely recommend it for everyone to do.

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