School of Economics and Finance

2018 Working papers

The latest Working Papers are listed below. You can also view our archive of working papers of 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 and earlier years.

Paper No.TitleAuthors
No. 846: How to Sell Jobs Radoslawa Nikolowa, Daniel Ferreira,
No. 847: Heterogeneous Effects of Mass Academisation in England Lorenzo Neri, Elisabetta Pasini,
No. 848: On the Transactions Costs of UK Quantitative Easing Francis Breedon,
No. 849: Exploitation, skills, and inequality Jonathan F. Cogliano, Roberto Veneziani, Naoki Yoshihara,
No. 850: A New Predictor of US. Real Economic Activity: The S&P 500 Option Implied Risk Aversion Renato Faccini, Eirini Konstantinidi, George Skiadopoulos, Sylvia Sarantopoulou-Chiourea,
No. 851: The Strength of Sensitivity to Ambiguity Robin Cubitt, Gijs van de Kuilen, Sujoy Mukerji,
No. 852: Strategic Default in Financial Networks Nizar Allouch, Maya Jalloul,
No. 853: Religious & Cultural Leaders Anja Prummer,
No. 854: University Quotas and Peers’ Achievement Soledad Giardili,
No. 855: A generalised stochastic volatility in mean VAR Haroon Mumtaz,
No. 856: Gender & Collaboration Lorenzo Ductor, Sanjeev Goyal, Anja Prummer,
No. 857: Time-Consistent Consumption Taxation Sarolta Laczo, Raffaele Rossi,
No. 858: Optimal Default Policies in Defined Contribution Pension Plans when Employees are Biased Asen Ivanov,
No. 859: Positive Stock Information In Out-Of-The-Money Option Prices Konstantinos Gkionis, Alexandros Kostakis, George Skiadopoulos, Przemyslaw S. Stilger,
No. 860: Nonlinear household earnings dynamics, self-insurance, and welfare Mariacristina De Nardi, Giulio Fella, Gonzalo Paz Pardo,
No. 861: Information design in multi-stage games Miltiadis Makris, Ludovic Renou,
No. 862: Sample separation and the sensitivity of investment to cash flow: Is the monotonicity condition empirically satisfied? Alfonsina Iona, Leone Leonida,
No. 863: Common and country specific factors in the distribution of real wages Eleni Chatzivgeri, Haroon Mumtaz, Daniela Tavasci, Luigi Ventimiglia,
No. 864: Measuring the origins of macroeconomic uncertainty Haroon Mumtaz,
No. 865: Non-linear effects of oil shocks on stock prices Haroon Mumtaz, Ahmed Pirzada, Konstantinos Theodoridis,
No. 866: The evolving impact of global, region-specific and country-specific uncertainty Haroon Mumtaz, Alberto Musso,
No. 867: Immigrant Crime and Legal Status: Evidence from Repeated Amnesty Programs Francesco Fasani,
No. 868: Incomplete Information Games with Ambiguity Averse Players Eran Hanany, Peter Klibanoff, Sujoy Mukerji,
No. 869: Economics of Voluntary Information Sharing José Liberti, Jason Sturgess, Andrew Sutherland,
No. 870: How Do Laws and Institutions affect Recovery Rates on Collateral? Hans Degryse, Vasso Ioannidou, José María Liberti, Jason Sturgess,
No. 871: Can financial incentives reduce the baby gap? Evidence from a reform in maternity leave benefits Anna Raute,
No. 872: A Model of Tournament Incentives with Corruption Bin Wang, Yu Zheng,
No. 873: Labor Share Decline and Intellectual Property Products Capital Dongya Koh, Raul Santaeulalia-Llopis, Yu Zheng,
No. 874: The Contribution of Frictions to Expected Returns Kazuhiro Hiraki, George Skiadopoulos,
No. 875: Changing impact of shocks: a time-varying proxy SVAR approach Haroon Mumtaz, Katerina Petrova,
No. 876: Firms and Economic Performance: A View from Trade Alessandra Bonfiglioli, Rosario Crinò, Gino Gancia,
No. 877: Economic Uncertainty and Structural Reforms Alessandra Bonfiglioli, Gino Gancia,
No. 878: Bayesian Structural VAR models: a new approach for prior beliefs on impulse responses Martin Bruns, Michele Piffer,