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School of Economics and Finance

2023 Working papers

On this page, you will find links to our latest Working Papers. You can also view our archive of working papers of  2022, 2021, 2020, 20192018, and earlier years.

Paper No.TitleAuthors
No. 946: The Contribution of Transaction Costs to Expected Stock Returns: A Novel Measure Kazuhiro Hiraki, George Skiadopoulos,
No. 947: Taxation and Supplier Networks: Evidence from India Lucie Gadenne, Tushar K. Nandi,
No. 948: Financial Constraints and Firm Size: Micro-Evidence and Aggregate Implications Miguel H. Ferreira, Timo Haber, Christian Rörig,
No. 949: Identification in Discrete Choice Models with Imperfect Information Cristina Gualdani, Shruti Sinha,
No. 950: Price Competition and Endogenous Product Choice in Networks: Evidence from the US airline Industry Cristina Gualdani, Kevin Remmy,
No. 951: The Economics of the Public Option: Evidence from Local Pharmaceutical Markets Juan Pablo Atal, Jose Ignacio Cuesta, Felipe Gonzalez, Cristobal Otero,
No. 952: The limits of hegemony: U.S. banks and Chilean firms in the Cold War Felipe Aldunate, Felipe Gonzalez, Mounu Prem,
No. 953: The Political Consequences of Vaccines: Quasi-experimental Evidence from Eligibility Rules Felipe Gonzalez,
No. 954: Dynamic Inconsistency, Commitment, and Welfare in Strategic Settings Asen Ivanov,
No. 955: Unequal Transition: The Widening Wealth Gap amidst China’s Rapid Growth Yangtian Jiang, Yu Zheng, Lijun Zhu,
No. 956: Entry Barriers and Growth: The Role of Endogenous Market Structure Helu Jiang, Yu Zheng, Lijun Zhu ,
No. 957: Urban Public Works in Spatial Equilibrium: Experimental Evidence from Ethiopia Simon Franklin, Clement Imbert, Girum Abebe, Carolina Mejia-Mantilla,
No. 958: Matching Frictions and Distorted Beliefs:Evidence from a Job Fair Experiment Girum Abebe, Stefano Caria, Marcel Fafchamps, Paolo Falco, Simon Franklin, Simon Quinn, Forhad Shilpi,
No. 959: The intergenerational transmission of higher education: Evidence from the 1973 coup in Chile Maria Angelica Bautista, Felipe Gonzalez, Luis R. Martinez, Pablo Munoz, Mounu Prem,
No. 960: Keep it Simple: Central Bank Communication and Asset Prices Haroon Mumtaz, Jumana Saleheen, Roxane Spitznagel,
No. 961: Vulnerability to Climate Change: Evidence from a Dynamic Factor Model Haroon Mumtaz, Fulvia Marotta,
No. 962: Confidence and College Applications: Evidence from a Randomized Intervention Rustamdjan Hakimov, Renke Schmacker, Camille Terrier,
No. 963: Closing the Gap Between Vocational and General Education? Evidence from University Technical Colleges in England Stephen Machin, Sandra McNally, Camille Terrier, Guglielmo Ventura,
No. 964: Costs and Benefits of Congestion in Two-Sided Markets: Evidence from the Dating Market Tobias Lehmann, Camille Terrier, Rafael Lalive,
No. 965: Higher education and mortality: legacies of an authoritarian college contraction Felipe Gonzalez, Luis R. Martinez, Pablo Munoz, Mounu Prem,
No. 966: Climate change and income inequality. An empirical analysis Haroon Mumtaz, Angeliki Theophilopoulou,
No. 967: Aggregate Implications of Corporate Bond Holdings by Nonfinancial Firms Miguel H. Ferreira,
No. 968: Great expectations: a tale of two transitions Daniele Girardi, Roberto Veneziani, Susanne Wengle,
No. 969: Sustainable Investing and Public Goods Provision Ilaria Piatti, Joel Shapiro , Xuan Wang,

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