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School of Economics and Finance

Selected Publications


  • Lim C., Snyder J. "What Shapes the Quality and Behavior of Government Officials? Institutional Variation in Selection and Retention Methods", Annual Review of Economics (forthcoming)
  • Algan YC., Malgouyres C., Mayer T., Thoenig M. "The Economic Incentives of Cultural Transmission: Spatial Evidence from Naming Patterns across France", Economic Journal (forthcoming)
  • De Nardi M., Fella G., Knoef MG., Paz-Pardo G., Van Ooijen R. (2021) Family and Governement Insurance: Wage, Earnings, and Income Risks in the Netherlands and the U.S, Journal of Public Economics
  • Garriga C., Kydland F., Šustek R. (2021) "MoNK: Mortgages in a New-Keynesian Model" Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control







Former Academic Staff