School of Economics and Finance

Selected Publications


  • Bonfiglioli A., Gancia G. "Heterogeneity, Selection and Labor Market Disparities", Review of Economic Dynamics (forthcoming)
  • Cubitt R., Mukerji S., Van de Kuilen G. "Discriminating between models of ambiguity attitude: a qualitative test", Journal of European Economic Association (forthcoming)
  • Collard F., Mukerji S., Sheppard K., JM Tallon. "Ambiguity and the Historical Equity Premium", Quantitative Economics (forthcoming)
  • Nikolowa R. "Motivate and Select: Relational Contract with persistent Types", Journal of Economics and Management Strategy (forthcoming)
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  • Liberti J., Sturgess J. "The Anatomy of a Credit Supply Shock: Evidence from an Internal Credit Market", Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (forthcoming)
  • Hwang B-H., Liberti JM., Sturgess J. "Information sharing and spillovers: Evidence from financial analysts", Management Science (forthcoming)
  • Seshadri A., SYT Lee. "On the Integenerational Transmission of Economic Status", Journal of Political Economy (forthcoming)
  • Durante R., Pinotti P., Tesei A. "The Political Legacy of Entertainment TV", The American Economic Review (forthcoming)
  • Tyson C. "Rationalizability of menu preferences", Economic Theory (forthcoming)
  • Santaeulàlia-Llopis R., Zheng Y. "The Price of Growth: Consumption Insurance in China 1989 – 2009", American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics (forthcoming)



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Former Academic Staff






Former Academic Staff