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School of Economics and Finance

Job Market Candidates

Past placements include leading institutions such as St Andrews University, University of Vienna, Aarhus Business School, IZA - Bonn, Bank of England and Bank of France. 

2019/20 Job Market Candidates

Placement officers: Alessandra Bonfiglioli and Andrea Tesei

Soledad Giardili

  • Job Market Paper: Single-Sex Primary Schools and Student Achievement: Evidence from Admission Lotteries
  • Research interests: Labour Economics, Economics of Education, Health Economics, Development Economics
  • Email:

Lorenzo Neri

  • Job Market Paper: Moving Opportunities: The Impact of Public Housing Regenerations on Student Achievement
  • Research interests: Applied Microeconomics, Labour Economics, Economics of Education, Urban Economics
  • Email:

Elisabetta Pasini

  • Job Market Paper: Migration and Competition for Schools: Evidence from Primary Education in England
  • Research interests: Applied Microeconomics, Labour Economics, Economics of Migration, Economics of Education
  • Email:

Alessio Volpicella

  • Job Market Paper: SVARs Identification through Bounds on the Forecast Error Variance
  • Research interests: Macroeconometrics, Econometrics, Applied Econometrics, Bayesian Econometrics, Time Series Analysis
  • Email: