School of Economics and Finance

Year in Industry

If you apply for our Economics and Finance BSc with a Year in Industry you will have the unique opportunity to spend the third year of your degree on an industrial placement with an employer in a role relevant to your field of study. Therefore, your degree programme will last four years and after the placement you will come back to university for your final year of study.

What are the benefits?

A year spent on a placement has a number of benefits for participating students, including:

  • Acquisition of specific and transferable skills;
  • Enhanced employability;
  • Increased motivation;
  • Bigger network;
  • Improved academic performance;
  • More accurate self-assessment and greater self-confidence.

What roles can I apply to and where?

You can apply to any role related to Economics and Finance and your placement can be taken abroad too, as long as it is approved by the School. Below is a list of fields, but do not feel yourself restricted to it:

  • Investment Banking
  • Corporate Banking
  • Retail banking
  • Marketing
  • Professional Financial Services (accountancy, actuarial, insurance)
  • Sales & Business Development
  • Financial Planning

Does the School guarantee a placement?

If you enrol in Economics and Finance BSc with a Year in Industry it will be your responsibility to secure a placement and the decision to take up a student is entirely taken by the employer, not the School. However, substantial help with your search and your applications will be provided.

What’s the financial impact

The industrial placement must be paid and the salary will be set by employers.

As a student of QMUL you will still have to pay tuition fees, however, these are at a significantly reduced rate.