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School of Economics and Finance

Foundation in Technical analysis

This course of lectures is aimed at giving students an understanding of how technical analysis is used to pick up trends and predict turning points in the financial markets. It will explain how different types of analysis can be applied to different markets. The lecturers all work in the markets.

Meet the lecturers

  • Deborah Owen, Chairperson of the Society of Technical Analysts and Managing Director of Investment Research of Cambridge, the first company in the UK to specialise in technical analysis. Deborah is co-author of ‘Mapping the Markets’ and ‘EMU in Perspective’.
  • Murray Gunn, Head of Technical Analysis, HSBC. Murray is author of ‘Trading Regime Analysis’.
  • George MacLean, Training Consultant, Linedata.
  • Tony Plummer, director of Helmsman Economics, a company that specialises in analysis of economic and financial market behaviour from a historical perspective. Tony is the author of ‘Forecasting Financial Markets’.

Course structure

  • Week 1: Mapping the markets – How cycle theory enables technical analysts to read equity markets.
  • Week 2: Pattern recognition – Clear patterns of price behaviour occur more often than the laws of chance would allow. Identifying these patterns enables traders to pick up market turning points.
  • Week 3: Elliott Wave Analysis – Harnessing the power of Elliott Wave analysis with the discipline of trend following.
  • Week 4: Trend and momentum – Using trend and momentum to capture market moves. Incorporating short-term indicators to these trends can determine whether they are oversold or overbought.
  • Week 5: The power of technical analysis to predict collective behaviour in financial markets trading – The importance of crowd behaviour and mental discipline to successful trading.

At the end of the course, students can sit an exam free of charge.

Foundation in technical analysis is one of several optional modules offered to postgraduate students by the School of Economics and Finance at Queen Mary University of London.