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School of English and Drama

Research Strategy

Lois Weaver, Commit an Act of Domestic Terrorism, Hang Your Laundry in Public, Art in Odd Places Festival, NYC (2011). Photograph © Lori E. Seid

In our research in the Department of Drama, Queen Mary University of London, we aim:

  1. To lead research nationally and internationally in theatre and performance studies across areas of critical investigation, methods and forms of dissemination.
  2. To continue to develop areas where our research has been especially distinctive, at the highest level of international excellence.
  3. To sustain our political and ethical commitments to the interrogation of relationships between performance and social justice.
  4. To promote the development and renewal of research in the field through active leadership and participation (in, for example, editing, curatorship, programming, early career researcher mentoring and postgraduate student development).
  5. To nurture the relationships of drama, theatre and performance studies to interdisciplinary research (in, for example, geography, medicine, politics, visual cultures, economics, film, literary studies, languages and history).
  6. To produce research in a range of forms and media, most effectively to reach diverse and distributed audiences locally, nationally and internationally.
  7. To produce research with social and cultural impact, particularly for: artists; arts agencies and organizations; policy makers; and communities that are potentially marginalized (for example, by age, class, ethnicity, gender, sexuality and poverty).
  8. To promote and encourage research-led teaching.
  9. To pursue and promote research that adheres to rigorous ethical standards, respecting the College's ethical guidelines. 
  10. To provide strong departmental support structures for research.
  11. To engage and collaborate with users and co-creators of our research in: higher education; other areas of education; arts practice; arts, social, and cultural policy; community organizations; commercial and media enterprises; and elsewhere.