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School of English and Drama

Live Art

Peopling the Palace (2013)

In our research on live art, we make, programme, and analyze it; we document and analyze its current work and past; and we cultivate its future artists, networks, audiences, and training opportunities.

We are especially concerned to enhance live art’s engagement with social issues such as human rights, and to enhance the aesthetic qualities of socially engaged applied performance.

  • Making: Our live art is made by Split Britches, co-founded by Weaver, and by Johnso, and
  • Analysis: Our work addresses live art’s histories ( Johnson, Silverstone) and the work of major artists and companies ( , , )
  • Programming live art and cultivating live arts makers and audiences: We have programmed live art and cultivated its audiences plus the work of its early and mid-career artists in festivals such as Air Projects (2010, 2011) and Peopling the Palace (2013)
  • Supporting live artists and live arts organizations: We frequently collaborate with the Live Art Development Agency. Drama staff are trustees for Home Live Art ( McAvinchey) and Bobby Baker’s company, Daily Life Ltd ( Harvie).