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School of English and Drama

Research Areas

Untitled Projects, The Salon Project, featuring Jen Harvie

Research by our staff, postgraduate students, post-doctoral fellows, distinguished visiting researchers, audiences, and other members of the public is focused through four main – but overlapping – strands of research on:

Within these broad outlines, our research focuses on a great number of specific areas, including, but not limited to:

  • Contemporary theatre, especially in Europe, the UK, Ireland, South America, South Africa, India, and North America
  • Performance, democracy, and ‘community’
  • Performance and cultural identities, especially related to gender, sexuality, race, class, nation, and age
  • Geographies of theatre and performance, including performance and cities, installation art, site-specific performance, and immersive performance
  • Cultural performance history, historiography, documentation, and archiving
  • Early modern and Renaissance drama and Shakespeare in performance
  • Performance and film analysis
  • Applied live art
  • Opera, music, and dance theatre
  • Processes of making performance
  • Theatre, performance and political intervention
  • Theatre and political economy, cultural value, and cultural policy
  • Directing and directors’ theatre
  • Translation for performance
  • Acting techniques, theories of actor training, and movement in performance
  • Audiences and spectatorship
  • Performance and cultural politics of, for example, ecology, criminal justice, work, human rights, and globalization
  • Theatricality
  • Performance and affect