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School of Law

Student Experience

Our students share their experiences of studying at the School of Law at Queen Mary and the doors it has opened for them

We want you to reach your full potential. From advising the public in our award winning Legal Advice Centre, expanding your legal knowledge in one of our many partner institutions across the globe, or gaining practical experience in a leading law firm, The School of Law offers so much more than a degree programme.

A photo of a lecture theatre setting. In the frame is a Macbook and a notebook with a pen resting on top of it. There is a person sitting in front of the Macbook but only their arm is visible due to the angle of the photo.

"I believe that these pointers could help in ensuring that you get the best out of your university experience and ensure that you will be well prepared throughout the year."

"I’ve just completed a month long Erasmus exchange with Stockholm University, studying a mix of human rights law and corporate/competition law over the month."

"The Freshers’ Week that kicks off in September is a great way for new students to assimilate into university life."

A close up of Panpailin. She has dark hair, dark eyes and fair skin. She is looking away from the camera. She is wearing a white shirt.

"All of these opportunities contain a multitude of transferable skills that will make me more employable."

A head-shot of Dana Drožina. She has long blonde hair and is wearing glasses and a black and white checked shirt. She is smiling.

 "One thing I wish I was told when I was in your position is what my day-to-day life might be like once I started university at Queen Mary."

A student stands at a podium in the centre of a ring of other students seated at tables

"Mooting allowed me to review the module material that we were learning in lecture and tutorials which ultimately benefited my module assessments throughout the term."


Georgios column item

"I was in the first year that QMUL offered an industry placement as part of the degree programme."

Olivia, LAC Student

"The university's close relationship with law firms provides a variety of opportunities for students to get involved with."

Garden with pagoda in Hong Kong

QMUL Law Student Kendall Watkinson shares her story of living and studying in Hong Kong!

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