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Life-changing Dissertation
11 July 2024

Writing a dissertation can be both challenging and rewarding. In this personal account, Abdullah Dashti, a Kuwaiti police investigator, shares his transformative experience of pursuing a Master's degree in Technology, Media and Telecommunications Law at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS).

Journey to the Mooting Competition
25 April 2024

Join Erwan Morvan and Anna Tikhomirova in their first ever mooting experience at the George Hinde Mooting Competition

Reparative Democracy by Wendy Brown
25 April 2024

In a thought-provoking talk at the recent Critical Legal Talk event, renowned political theorist Professor Wendy Brown (Princeton University) challenged conventional notions through her concept of "reparative democracy." As we grapple with existential threats like climate change driven by fossil fuel extraction, Brown argues for a radical rethinking of how we perceive and interact with the world around us, writes Nataliia Beldynska.

Legal Work Experience for Law Students
28 February 2024

Law is a notoriously competitive field, and as a student it can be overwhelming to navigate the various work experience that is available. Second year law student, Yinghan Ye, shares her top tips and advice for gaining work experience while studying.

Legal Advice Centre – An Invaluable Experience for any Law Student
15 February 2024

In this blog post, our final year student Zakiya Rahman shares her valuable experience of participating at the QMLAC (Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre).

From Vacation Scheme to Training Contract in a Magic Circle Firm
6 February 2024

Securing a vacation scheme at a top London law firm is often seen as a big step for law students looking to advance their careers. Zakiya Rahman, a law student who successfully navigated the competitive process to secure a training contract at a Magic Circle firm, shares her insights and strategies.

Vandy at the Graduate Centre with London skyline in the background 10 Things I Learned as a First-Year Law Student
17 October 2023

Starting university can be equally intimidating and exciting experience, especially for first-year students navigating a demanding workload and new environment. In this blog article, second-year law student Vandy Widyalankara shares ten tips on making the most of your first year at Queen Mary.

A second “Parisian” semester comes to an end…
4 July 2023

Explore Nikoleta Konstantellou's second blog post as she reflects on the challenges, personal growth, and valuable experiences of being a double degree student in Paris.

Reflections from a First-year Law Student at Queen Mary University of London
8 June 2023

Join Lisa, a second-year law student at Queen Mary, as she reflects on her first year of university and shares insights into studying law and university life.

Tips for New Law Students
14 March 2023

First-year law student Yinghan Ye reveals her top tips for studying law at university! 

Best study spots on campus
8 March 2023

First-year law student Yinghan Ye shares her favourite study places at our Mile End campus! 

My first month as a Law Student at Queen Mary University of London
27 January 2023

Read about Lisa's experience as a first-year law student here at Queen Mary

Where to Get Your Techno Music Experience in Paris
18 January 2023

Viktoria is a third-year English and European Law student here at Queen Mary. She is currently completing her year abroad at Université Panthéon-Sorbonne. Read her best tips about finding the best techno music clubs in Paris.

EMEA LSI Internship at Google and Baker McKenzie
12 January 2023

Our LLB graduate, Markha Mezhieva, shares her experience and tips about applying to the EMEA Legal Summer Institute Internship.

From Queen Mary to Sorbonne
5 January 2023

The Double Law Degree journey – First blog post by Nikoleta Konstantellou

The Last Chapter
26 July 2022

We catch up with Tejal Shah, Queen Mary Global Law LLB Student and Turing Scheme Grant Recipient, on her year abroad in Hong Kong!

New Year, New Restrictions: To Leave or Not To Leave…
25 July 2022

We catch up with Tejal Shah, Queen Mary Global Law LLB Student and Turing Scheme Grant Recipient, on her year abroad in Hong Kong!

Tejal Shah at the top of a mountain looking over the Thousand Islands reservoir in Hong Kong Studying Abroad in Hong Kong: Settling In
3 May 2022

We catch up with Tejal Shah, Queen Mary Global Law LLB Student and Turing Scheme Grant Recipient, on her year abroad in Hong Kong!

Tejal Shah out in Hong Kong Studying Abroad in Hong Kong: Post-Quarantine
20 January 2022

Queen Mary Global Law LLB Student and Turing Scheme Grant Recipient Tejal Shah reflects on life as a study abroad exchange student at the University of Hong Kong during these strange and ever-changing times mid-pandemic…

A solicitor sat at a table writing on a document Dos and Don’ts of applying for Training Contracts
1 December 2021

Thinking about applying for a training contract? Tia Sara Demirbas, Third Year LLB Student at Queen Mary School of Law, tells us their top tips for securing a training contract.

What to expect in your first year as a Law Student at Queen Mary
10 May 2021

Hadika tells us about their experiences as a first year LLB Student at Queen Mary during the Coronavirus pandemic and the services and resources they found useful.

Pathways to Law
10 February 2021

Thasrina Hussain shares her experiences of the Pathways to Law programme.

Tips and advice for new students
21 October 2020

Second Year Law and Politics Student Uswah Naseem talks about some common anxieties, and offeres some ways to cope and overcome them.

Studying law while being in a complete lockdown in northern Italy
12 October 2020

Second Year Law Student Tommaso Salvatore reflects on studying during lockdown and offers some tips for first year students

Winning the Gianni Sonvico Scholarship
28 January 2019

Tejal Shah, a Gianni Sonvico scholarship recipient, explains how winning the scholarship impacted her experience as a student.

A general guide on how to do the first year right
9 October 2018

Saeed Mahmood (VP of the Law Society) offers some helpful advice for first year law students.

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