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Pathways to Law

Thasrina Hussain shares her experiences of the Pathways to Law programme.


The Pathways to Law programme aims to encourage students from non-privileged backgrounds to consider both higher education and a career in law. This programme is extremely beneficial in providing an insight into what a law degree and career really is.

During sixth form it’s difficult to find opportunities which allow you to experience both life at university and exposure to the law sector. Participating in the Pathways to Law programme played a significant role when determining what direction my UCAS application would take. This programme introduced me to law, prior to this I had no knowledge of what it consisted of and no experience within the sector.

The events organised were instrumental in preparing me for the LLB at Queen Mary. When applying to study law at university, the most useful advice given is from those who are undergraduates and those who are involved in the process of admitting applications. This programme is helpful in providing you with these networks.

The workshops on writing your personal statement to be used for UCAS provides you with specific guidance needed for a successful statement which you’re unlikely to receive from teachers. Essentially, those who will eventually review your applications are the ones giving you advice on how to make a prosperous one.

The opportunities which the programme provides further gives you exposure to what the legal sector involves by offering work experience placements with a variety of law firms such as Linklaters and Macfarlanes. This access to prestigious firms is extremely beneficial when becoming an undergraduate yourself as you are able to use these experiences for vacation scheme applications and gain transferrable skills needed to study a law degree. Once on the programme, it is important to be proactive, ensure you create networks and always ask for help as it’s really important when deciding if a law degree is right for you.

Personally, this programme positively prepared me for the LLB at Queen Mary’s University. I was able to experience aspects of the degree before becoming an undergraduate. For example, attending taster lectures during sixth form meant I was aware what the degree would entail which allowed me to ensure I was making an informed choice when choosing to study here.

As a second-year student, I am still using the skills I learnt from this programme. The opportunities I was given continue to be discussed on my applications for internships and therefore it is an extremely beneficial programme, so if you want to get an insight into law you should definitely apply.



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