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Legal Advice Centre – An Invaluable Experience for any Law Student

In this blog post, our final year student Zakiya Rahman shares her valuable experience of participating at the QMLAC (Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre).

Legal Advice Centre logo on a turqoise background

The QMLAC is a great opportunity to get involved with during your studies as it offers many benefits that will contribute to both your personal and professional development. In my first year I joined the LAC as a note-taker, and during my second year I chose it as one of my modules, so I became a student advisor on five client cases. Whether you choose to do it as a module or as an extra-curricular activity, being part of the LAC will give you great legal experience, which you may find is becoming increasingly difficult to come by.

Here are a few of the key benefits I have found from my time at the LAC:

  • Hands-on practical experience: Engaging in the LAC provides you with a unique opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge we learn in all our other modules into practice with real-life cases. It's a great opportunity to bridge the gap between academic learning and practical legal skills that are vital when considering a legal career.

  • Client interaction/communication: Since the LAC is a free advice clinic for the local people, you will encounter various clients and problems which you might otherwise not experience in law firms. Additionally, dealing with and interviewing real clients enhances your communication skills, as you learn to convey somewhat confusing legal concepts to individuals with varying levels of legal understanding - a crucial skill needed in practice.

  • Exposure to various legal areas: Since the LAC covers a different variety of legal areas, such as family law, IP law, and employment law, there is a great range of exposure to areas of law you may never have learnt about or thought you had an interest in. It is a great way to explore different sectors of law and discover where your strengths/interests lay.

  • Community Impact: Volunteering at the LAC and providing free legal advice to those in troubling situations is a great way of utilising your position as a law student and make a meaningful impact in people's lives. You will likely be dealing with people's families, jobs, houses - their valuable possessions. Guiding them through a difficult period is an extremely rewarding experience.

  • Professional network: Interacting with experienced lawyers in a variety of legal practice areas, as well as other professionals and fellow students at the LAC, allows you to build up your professional network. These connections may be beneficial for future career opportunities.

  • Transferrable skills: Through navigating and leading on different client cases, you will build and strengthen key skills needed in any job role. From managing client expectations, to writing succinctly and meeting strict deadlines, the skills gained in the LAC are invaluable to any law student, and the experience offers a glimpse into the day-to-day challenges faced by legal professionals and it will prepare you for any future career.



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