School of Law

Dr Noam Gur, LLB (summa cum laude) (Jerusalem), BCL (Distinction), MPhil (Distinction), DPhil (Oxford)


Lecturer in Law

Room Number: 203, Law Building, Mile End


Noam Gur is a Lecturer in Law at Queen Mary University of London. He specializes in jurisprudence and has further research interests in political theory and in tort law. In jurisprudence, his primary research focus is the normativity of law and its interaction with practical reasons, which is also the topic of his recent book Legal Directives and Practical Reasons (Oxford University Press, 2018).

Along with his research and teaching, he serves as a Co-Director of the Centre for Law and Society in a Global Context at Queen Mary and as member of the Executive of the UK Branch of the International Association of Legal and Social Philosophy (IVR).

Dr Gur teaches jurisprudence on the LLB and LLM courses, and tort law on the LLB course. In the present academic year, he co-convenes the jurisprudence and tort law LLB modules, convenes an LLM module on legal normativity, and serves as convenor of the LLM in Legal Theory programme during Semester 2.

Before joining Queen Mary, Dr Gur was Shaw Foundation Fellow at Lincoln College, University of Oxford. He read Law as a postgraduate at the University of Oxford and as an undergraduate at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Dr Gur’s primary research areas are jurisprudence and legal theory. His other research interests include political theory, tort law and medical malpractice. His current research in jurisprudence focuses on the interface between law and practical reason (the topic of a monograph he is presently writing). Another topic he is currently researching is the role of policy arguments in judicial reasoning, particularly in the context of tort adjudication.



Gur N., Legal Directives and Practical Reasons (Oxford University Press, 2018)

  • Awarded joint Second Prize of the SLS Peter Birks Book Prizes for Outstanding Legal Scholarship 2019
  • Reviewed:
    • Barbara Levenbook, Reasons to Comply with the Law (reviewing Noam Gur, Legal Directives and Practical Reasons (2018)), JOTWELL (August 12, 2019)
    • N. P. Adams, Book Review: Noam Gur, Legal Directives and Practical Reasons, Modern Law Review, Online Early View: 8 September 2019
    • Forthcoming Review Symposium in the journal Jurisprudence

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