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School of Law

Noam Gur awarded second prize for Outstanding Legal Scholarship 2019


Dr Noam Gur accepting an awardLast September, Dr Noam Gur was announced as a joint Second Prize winner of the Society of Legal Scholars’ Peter Birks Prizes for Outstanding Legal Scholarship 2019, for his book Legal Directives and Practical Reasons (Oxford University Press, 2018). Drawing on interdisciplinary resources, the book addresses one of the central questions in contemporary jurisprudence — how law operates in practical reasoning and interacts with our reasons to act or avoid an action. Since its publication, the book was discussed in several academic events, and has been the subject of positive reviews by academic peers. A further review symposium on the book is forthcoming in the journal Jurisprudence. As an offshoot of the book, Dr Gur has recently begun collaborating with the social scientist Professor Jonathan Jackson (LSE) in an interdisciplinary project, where they seek to synthesize empirical research on social attitudes to law and philosophical work on the normativity of law.



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