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Digital Environment Research Institute (DERI)


We collaborate with a range of partners across Queen Mary and internationally to support our mission to deliver innovation and drive impact in digital, data science, and AI. As a member of DERI, you'll be part of a world-leading network of researchers and receive access to exclusive events and opportunities.

DERI is currently recruiting for the below positions!

These roles are all research-intensive professorships and part of four key strategic academic appointments to DERI. These roles are unique in that they are dedicated to research and have minimal, if any, teaching responsibilities associated with them. Each post comes with support to facilitate the growth of a research group, and the forging of collaborations, enabling the post-holder to seamlessly establish themselves at DERI. The postholders will be key members of the DERI leadership team, contributing to our development, as well as inspiring, and leading on expanding research in this space to deliver outstanding, interdisciplinary research achievements.

These are leadership roles and they will spearhead research in the relevant area  The postholder will inspire internal and external partners aligned to a shared vision, drive collaborative multi-disciplinary research and deliver large external research grants in their research area.  For the successful candidate to each post, the role provides exceptional scope with opportunities to set and define the research strategy in this area and lead its delivery, working closely with the Director of DERI. 

Professor and Head of Data Science for the Environment and Sustainability

We consider the Environment and Sustainability in broad terms and welcome applications from experts looking to develop and deploy data science and/or AI-driven approaches to address environment-related challenges with the ultimate goal of achieving a sustainable equilibrium between human activity and the environment. Data science, and AI techniques have great potential to enable better measurement, modelling, prediction and discovery including, but not limited to, applications in energy, smart infrastructure, data sustainability, climate science, and novel materials.

Professor of AI for Healthcare

We consider the Healthcare AI theme in the broadest of terms, from discovery to translation. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, computational medicine, healthcare digital twins, health data security and synthesis, with relevant approaches such as machine and deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and bioinformatics.

Professor and Head of Responsible AI

Responsible AI is needed to create AI systems that are fair, reliable, safe, and trustworthy. Such systems may involve methods to make them explainable, preserve privacy, and be held accountable so that they can be trusted by individuals, organisations and society. Responsible AI is an exciting research area that will involve many stakeholders and necessitate a multi-disciplinary approach.

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