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Digital Environment Research Institute (DERI)

Selected clips from DERI Seminars & Talks

"Structural pattern recognition meets quantum mechanics"

Dr Luca Rossi, Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence "Looking at structures through a quantum lens..." In this clip Luca talks about the concepts he is taking from quantum mechanics and applying them to machine learning and graphs.

There’s More To Life Than DNA

Prof Conrad Bessant, Professor of Bioinformatics "There’s More To Life Than DNA"  In this introductory clip Conrad talks about monitoring  proteins and how cells can be classified through CyTOF clustering which provides a good data-set for machine learning.

Lessons in Photosynthesis

Dr Chris Duffy, Lecturer in Cellular and Molecular Biology "Lessons in Photosynthesis"  In this excerpt Chris discussed his interest in Carotenoids, their place in photosynthetic light harvesting and their contradictory roles as light sensors and sunblock.


Clinical Decision Support using AI: Projects, Progress and Challenges

Dr William Marsh, Senior Lecturer
“Clinical Decision Support using AI: Projects, Progress and Challenges”
In this clip William described his BN Architecture and one approach they are taking with a “Meta-model”.


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