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Digital Environment Research Institute (DERI)


Our Research is focused on interdisciplinary approaches to tackle global challenges and societal issues.

The impact of our research is intended to be far reaching, addressing real-world problems in health, the environment and sustainability, ethics, governance, and the implementation, and use of AI systems. Our themes have been carefully considered to support the development of unique research platforms in rapidly growing and emerging areas, with a key focus on interdisciplinary techniques and collaboration.  

DERI is  rapidly developing  and has created a growing community of academics, including new leading appointments that will galvanise research themes and the development of unique platforms.  Our approach will bring fresh perspectives and enables DERI to prioritise, and respond to new and emerging topics.

Our current research themes are outlined below and we expect these to grow as the AI field continues to rapidly expand.

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This theme focuses on the need to create AI systems that are safe, fair, reliable, and responsible. Such systems may involve methods to make them explainable, preserve privacy, and be held accountable so that they can be trusted by individuals, organisations, and society.

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Taking the broadest of views of biomedicine and healthcare, this theme pushes the boundaries of biology and healthcare using advanced computational techniques

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The overarching aim of this priority area is to develop and deploy AI-driven approaches to address environment-related challenges with the ultimate goal of achieving a sustainable equilibrium between human activity and the environment. 

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AI is a rapidly growing field and, DERI is poised to respond and shape future Research Themes as the landscape changes.

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