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NEMIC is a new NEtwork for Medical Image Computing at QMUL

The purpose of NEMIC is to unite researchers across the university performing (or interested) in research in medical image computing and related healthcare applications. The make-up of the network is a mix of academics, post-docs, and PhD students.

NEMIC will provide an opportunity for researchers across the University to find out more about each other’s work, give presentations, discuss papers, and look for grant opportunities that leverage skills within the network.

NEMIC Events/Seminars

Matthieu Ruthven,  Clinical Scientist (MRI Physicist) at Barts Health NHS Trust will be presenting on his recent  AI in speech/MRI research projects.

Jonny Hancox from NVIDIA on pathology imaging analytics.

Dr John Woodward from the School of Electroninc Engineering and Computer Science will be presenting on his current research projects.

Prof Claude Chelala Co-Director, Centre for Computational Biology, gave an overview of her team's current work in Biobanking, Translational Bioinformatics and Health Date Science.

Dr Martin Benning, Lecturer In Optimisation/Machine Learning, Mathematical Sciences presented on Nonlinear scale-space methods with applications in imaging & machine learning.

Dr Qianni Zhang,  presented some of her group’s research in medical image computing.

Prof Steffen Petersen, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at The William Harvey Research Institute. Seminar, on the Impact of ML/AI in cardiac MRI: a clinical overview.




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