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Digital Environment Research Institute (DERI)

DERI Fellows

The DERI Academic Fellowship Scheme is designed to unite researchers working in AI, data science, and complementary areas to work collaboratively to tackle issues and deliver impact. 


Researchers at Queen Mary can become DERI academic fellows benefiting from access to new cross-disciplinary networks for research and state-of-the-art facilities.

As a DERI academic fellow you will:

  • Become part of an interdisciplinary network of academic and industry researchers working in the digital, data science and AI space.
  • Collaborate with Queen Mary colleagues and members of the DERI Industry Alliance (once launched) to explore new vistas for research and participate in funding applications.
  • Have access to the modern DERI building, meeting spaces and facilities, including the new High Performance Computing facility.
  • Improve the visibility and exposure of your research via DERI-organised meetings and events, and the website.
  • Receive regular updates from DERI about news and opportunities both within Queen Mary and externally.



Contact DERI

To find out move about becoming a DERI Fellow, contact us: 

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