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Digital Environment Research Institute (DERI)

James Timmons


William Harvey Research Institute


For twenty years James has driven biomedical projects in the fields of cardiovascular disease; diabetes and ageing. Most of his work is with complex age-related human disease where, as the title suggests, there is a question mark over the usefulness of traditional medical labels, when training models. This is predominantly because all older people have multiple diseases simultaneously.  James has worked extensively in industrial research (drug discovery, cardio-metabolic disease and biomarkers); he has also worked as a senior academic for ten years where he published over 90 research articles and raised £10m in academic grants (including EU, MRC, BBSRC and NIH) to study the molecular aspects of neuromuscular aging and cardio-metabolic disease and the interaction with exercise. James current research relies on a set of novel clinical transcriptomic resources (>3,000 individuals, global transcriptomics human muscle, adipose and blood, treatment-responses) which enables the modelling of insulin resistance, human aging and cardiovascular disease; using machine learning approaches to develop biomarkers, drug-repurposing assays, study regulatory mechanisms, and develop predictive models of clinical outcome.


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