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Digital Environment Research Institute (DERI)


Booking meeting rooms
The DERI Basement has a selection of meeting rooms, each one has a screen with HDMI connector.  Rooms 5,6 and 7 have internet connection with access to teams.  The basement also has a large kitchen and sofa-breakout area.

Rooms available to book in the basement floor of Empire House can be accessed through outlook, an invitation can be sent to the room to check availability.  They are listed as [Room] Wht-Empire-PB.1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7

Floor              Room no          Capacity normal                   Capacity 1m+

Basement           PB 1                    2                                           1

Basement           PB 2                    2                                           1

Basement           PB 3                    2                                           1

Basement           PB 4                    3                                           2

Basement           PB 5                    7                                           2

Basement           PB 6                    4                                           2

Basement           PB 7                    10                                         5


The basement houses the main meeting hubs, a large kitchen and social area along with sofa area for impromptu coffee meetings. A secure bike park and showers are also located on this floor.

The three remaining floors have open plan office spaces with numerous lockers. Each floor is also kitted out with bookable meeting hubs, kitchens and individual coffee spots.

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