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Digital Environment Research Institute (DERI)


DERI welcomes collaboration from all interested parties working across the breadth of the AI and Data Science field. We have a number of ways to collaborate with us, and we'd love to hear from you!

Find out more on ways to work with us below, or get in touch to discuss further

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Our carefully selected Research Themes outline our strategic direction, and with help from you we can drive progress in these spaces, working collaboratively to advance understanding, with real-world applications.

DERI has a thriving seminar series that is key to supporting the dissemination of interdisciplinary research, and engaging researchers from a wide range of backgrounds. We have a variety of speakers who cover a range of topics from across the AI and data science field, with varying levels of technical knowledge. Talks are held weekly both in person, and online, and we try to record these and put them on our webpage. 

Draw upon the wealth of knowledge and expertise that DERI can offer to drive innovation and development in your organisation through targeted external consultancy work.

Support from you can contribute towards a step-change in diversity in the AI and Data Science field. Funding will support targeted initiatives to increase diversity including scholarships for PGR studies, funded internships or placements, sponsored networks and events, or targeted training, mentoring, and coaching activities, for underrepresented groups.

DERI is the host of the AI for Drug Discovery PhD Programme, a partnership between industry and academia to train the next generation of researchers in utilising AI for drug discovery. The programme provides comprehensive training and works in partnership with a number of industry partners.


We welcome discussion from interested parties to contribute towards the research ongoing at DERI. We accept donations in many forms, including through equipment and other related resources in addition to through direct donations for research activities and studentships. All donations are gratefully received and contribute towards innovation in the AI and data science space.

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