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Digital Environment Research Institute (DERI)


The UKRI-AIDD Doctoral Training Programme builds capacity and capability through interdisciplinary research. Our programme will ensure sustainability of the pipeline of scientific skills in a next generation cohort of drug discovery scientists.
— Dr Andrew Walker, Associate Director at Exscientia. AIDD Industry Lead

Exscientia is one of the first companies to deliver novel therapeutics designed using Artificial Intelligence. Its mission is to fully automate the entire drug discovery process from target selection through to chemical synthesis, clinical trial design and optimisation. Exscientia has a strong record of success in partnering with academia. The initial spin-out was founded on post-doctoral research from the University of Dundee using novel machine learning methods to design molecules. Using our data-driven AI approaches we have achieved to bring the first AI-designed small molecules into clinical trials. Since inception, Exscientia has grown into a global and public-facing Pharma-Tech company employing more than 200 people worldwide. Its newly founded robotic chemistry labs place it as a world leader in producing AI designed medicines.

Exscientia has offices in Oxford, Vienna, Dundee, Miami, Boston, and Osaka.

For more information please click to access Twitter, Linkedin, or visit our website.


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