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Digital Environment Research Institute (DERI)

Our history

DERI was created as part of QM’s Strategy to 2030 and represents an evolution of the Institute for Applied Data Science (IADS), a virtual initiative which was put in place in 2018 when Queen Mary joined The Alan Turing Institute, with the scope to act as Queen Mary’s interface with the Turing.

Since 2020, DERI supports Queen Mary’s data science/AI community by providing physical and virtual hubs for experts to get together and collaborate. The network of academics working within and around DERI include those convened by IADS and beyond. We are indebted to IADS leadership Prof Michael Farber, Prof Mike Barnes, Prof Adrian Bevan, Dr Gareth Tyson, Elisa Piccaro, Megan Liddle and Michal Filus; for the outstanding groundwork that paved the way for DERI’s creation and to the consolidation and expansion of Queen Mary’s data science and AI community.

Read Queen Mary's vision for the future and the university's strategy towards 2030 here.


Introduction to DERI, our director Greg gives an overview of DERI's ambitions.

Two of our Fellows Dr Philippa Williams and Dr Mark Freestone also discuss being part of the Institute.


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