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The William Harvey Research Institute - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

BHF 4 year MRes/PhD Programme


Our British Heart Foundation (BHF) funded 4-year MRes/PhD programme enrols four fully funded (at Home rates) students per year, three funded by the BHF and one funded by the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, onto a 4-year course, consisting of a first-year MRes followed by a three-year PhD. 

The scheme offers students the opportunity to work in a vibrant multi-disciplinary environment interacting with researchers working across the university focussed upon advancing our understanding of cardiovascular physiology, pathology in disease and identification novel therapeutics (from drugs to devices to stem cells) for prevention and treatment.


Contact us

For further information on the BHF 4-year MRes/PhD please contact one of the programme co-ordinators. 

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