School of Economics and Finance

SAT Route

The purpose of the SAT tests

We use the SAT tests in order to highlight outstanding applicants from educational backgrounds that do not offer a direct route onto our undergraduate courses. The web page for each individual country specifies if this applies to the school system of the country concerned. For applicants who meet our SAT test thresholds (see below), the SAT results will be included with their application to be assessed carefully in its entirety.


Which SAT tests do you need to sit?

You need to submit the results for the SAT test (consisting of a Reading, Writing, and Maths component) plus two SAT Subject Tests (one of which must be Mathematics Level 2).

The SAT is a globally recognized, standardized test that lets you show universities what you know and how well you can apply that knowledge. It tests your knowledge of reading, writing and mathematics. It is widely used for college admissions in the United States. It is owned and published by the College Board, a private, non-profit organization in the United States, and it is administered on behalf of the College Board by the Educational Testing Service.

Besides the SAT test itself, you must sit the SAT Subject Test in Mathematics Level 2 plus another Subject Test. If your first language is not English you should not use a Subject Test in your first language as one of the two required Subject Tests. All applicants are encouraged to submit any additional Subject Tests (which may include one in your first language).


When and where can you sit the SAT tests?

The SAT tests are offered in Test Centers in almost all countries several times a year. The standard UCAS deadlines apply to your SAT results as well.

You must designate Queen Mary as a recipient of your test scores. Testing agencies will not release results directly to the Admissions Office unless you give permission to do so. The Queen Mary SAT code is 7902 and our Institution name is Queen Mary U London."


Criteria for SAT route

To be considered for direct entry onto an undergraduate SEF course on the basis of your complete application, you must:

  • be 18 years or older on 1 September of the year in which you first enrol at Queen Mary,
  • obtain school qualifications in a country that does not offer a direct route onto our undergraduate courses, as indicated in our entry requirements of the country concerned,
  • satisfy the minimum requirements school qualifications specified for the country where you go to school (please see our entry requirements for the country concerned),
  • satisfy our standard English language requirements.
  • achieve test results that place you in the top 25% for the SAT as well as for each of the two required SAT Subject Tests (Note: For the SAT this implies a score of at least 1720, for the SAT Subject Test Maths Level 2 a score of 780, and for any other SAT Subject Test this depends on the specific subject concerned),
  • apply following the usual UCAS procedures.