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School of Mathematical Sciences

EDI Committee Members

Committee members

  • Dr Claudia Garetto (EDI Committee Chair and Athena SWAN Champion)  
  • Dr Vincenzo Nicosia (Deputy EDI Committee Chair)
  • Prof Alex Clark (Head of School)
  • Dr Shabnam Beheshti (Director of Education)
  • Dr Juan Valiente-Kroon (Director of Research)
  • Dr Alex Fink (Director of Postgraduate Studies)
  • Dr Lubna Shaheen (Foundation Representative)
  • Dr Natasha Blitvic (Staff Disability Liaison)
  • Jo Young (School Manager)
  • Tara Fife (Postdoctoral Research Assistant)
  • Marica Manucci (PhD Student)
  • Zain Ahmed Kapadia (PhD Student)
  • Midori Lucille Calmon (PhD Student)
  • Katerina Zahradová (PhD Student)
  • Adam Onus (PhD Student)
  • Megan Liddle (Executive Officer)
  • Natalie Farrow (Marketing and Communications Officer)

The committee meetings, agenda and meetings are open to all staff. Undergraduate representatives are also invited to attend.

Areas of responsibility

Area of responsibility


Description of the area of responsibility

Governance and policies

Claudia Garetto

Clearly define EDIC roles and facilitate a smooth transition of EDIC roles; ensure actions are relevant and reviewed regularly; web presence. Ensure all staff benefit from the positive actions of EDIC; build an inclusive environment; celebrate success.

Data collection and analysis

Vincenzo Nicosia

Improve staff and student data collection, including staff survey data.

Academic staff recruitment, development and progression

Alex Clark

Support the development and progression of academic staff; facilitate gender balance at all academic levels; facilitate improved and more proactive promotion procedures; improve research support for mid-career female academics; improve fair teaching evaluation of female academics.

Professional staff recruitment, development and progression

Jo Young

Support the development of professional services staff, provide adequate training opportunities and opportunities to discuss career progression; recognise and reward excellent performance; improve communication and clarity about the bonus scheme; ensure there are adequate opportunities for all professional services staff to demonstrate excellent performance.

UG/PGT student recruitment and career support

Shabnam Beheshti

Attract, support and retain undergraduate students; increase proportion of our students on MSc programmes; support BAME students and reduce the BAME attainment gap.

Attract, support and retain taught postgraduate students; increase the proportion of female postgraduate taught students.

PGR student recruitment and career development

Alex Fink

Attract, support and retain postgraduate students; increase the proportion of female postgraduate research students in biology and chemistry.

PDRA recruitment and career development

Juan Valiente Kroon

Facilitate Postdoctoral Research Assistants' career progression.

Communication and marketing

Natalie Farrow

Improve communications of EDIC and raise awareness of staff initiatives; develop the EDIC web pages; ensure appropriate representation of all groups in our marketing and promotional material.

Please feel free to contact any committee member with your questions or comments on equality and diversity within the School.

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