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School of Mathematical Sciences

University and external resources

The University offers a wide range of support

Interesting equality, diversity and inclusion articles

Other resources

The London Mathematical Society has an active Women in Mathematics Committee. Among other things this committee has developed a Good Practice Scheme, of which the School is a Registered supporter.

The American Mathematical Society inclusion-exclusion blog aims to discuss issues pertaining to marginalized and under-represented groups in mathematics.

Athene Donald’s blog is another source of interesting writing on education and science policy which frequently covers gender equality issues.

Historian of mathematics, June Barrow-Green, from the Open University has written on the history of women in mathematics.

The University of St Andrews has developed a free online resource (MacTutor) containing biographies of more than 3000 mathematicians and over 2000 pages of essays and supporting materials. On MacTutor you can find special sections on female mathematicians, African mathematicians, Ancient Islamic mathematicians, Ancient Indian mathematicians and Ancient Greek Mathematicians. 

Financial support for under-represented groups

L’Oreal UNESCO Women in Science fellowships


Get in touch with the EDI committee chair Prof Claudia Garetto if you are aware of an interesting opportunity for an under-represented group, as we are keen to share it here.

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