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Effective learning

Studying is easier when you know which techniques work for you. Our student ambassadors have recommended these resources to help you study effectively and retain information better.

Scientific study tips

This video explains the benefits of studying for short amounts of time rather than one long period. Watch for some useful tips on how to reinforce memory and retain the things you learn.

Taking notes from lecture slides

This is a really comprehensive video by a Cambridge University medical student on how to take notes from lecture slides. This is the method I follow and I found this video really useful because sometimes lecture slides alone aren’t enough to prepare you for an exam – you're expected to think deeper into topics and ask yourself questions, and this video covers that.
— Maithili, student ambassador

How to be more productive

This video explains productivity using science and maths. It includes detailed breakdowns of different revision methods to try, so you can find the one that works best for you.

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