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Library Services

Library Skills

Library Skills

The Teaching and Learning Support team offers Queen Mary students and staff various training opportunities and individual support to enable learning and research.

Find out about our services within our Library skills section, and read more about the Teaching and Learning Support Team below.

The team in numbers 2020-21:

8475participants in our group sessions and 1to1s

25representing twenty-five schools and departments across the University

414contact hours

Get in touch with the Teaching and Learning Support team for your faculty:

Image of faculty Liaison Librarian Rich Evans

Your Humanities and Social Sciences Team


Rich Evans, Faculty Liaison Librarian 

Anthea Chou, Information Assistant

Jacques Roger, Information Assistant



Image of Paula Funnell, Faculty Liaison Librarian for Medicine and Dentistry

Your Medicine and Dentistry Support Team

Paula Funnell, Faculty Liaison Librarian

Sharlin Ahmed. Information Assistant



Picture of James Soderman

Your Science and Engineering Support Team

James Soderman, Faculty Liaison Librarian

Vacancy, Information Assistant



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